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At the moment, The Reading, Writing and ESOL Project is

running in certain hostels. To find out if your hostel is one of 

them, you can speak to your keyworker, or contact me.

If the project isn't running in your hostel but you are 

interested in studying, you or your keyworker can contact me

to talk about this. 

There are different ways you can contact me to find out more about studying with The Reading, Writing or ESOL Project. You can e mail, call or text me (details below) or you can use the 'Contact me' form below. I will reply to you within two working days.

If you do not have a telephone or e mail address, you could ask your support worker to help you contact me.

Learning with the Reading, Writing and ESOL Project.

A black and white image of a pen that becomes a tree at the top. It symbolises growth from learning.
A letter (to symbolise that people can contact the project by e mail)

E mail me at I check my e mails every day,  Monday-Friday.

A telephone (to symbolise that people can contact the project by calling or texting).

Call or text me on 07725 05 68 42. I’m available on the phone 9.00-5.30,

Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Contact me

Thank you for your message.

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